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The Weeknd Has a New Girlfriend.

We all know The Weeknd right? He is the singer of that hit song Starboy. He recently got a new girlfriend. Selina Gomez is his new girlfriend. They planned to originally keep their relationship secretive, however they changed their mind and spoke up about it yesterday.

Top 50 songs countdown!

Want to know the top 50 songs of 2016? Tune in New Years Day at 12 in the afternoon, and we will be counting them down. If you want to vote for one of the top 50 songs, simply use the hashtag #attrcountdown on twitter. (You can click the # to...

Trending: iPhone 7

Trending - iPhone 7 iPhone 7: The iPhone 7 is Apple's newest iPhone. Of corse the latest iPhones come with more awesome features. Here are our top 3 new features: Waterproof: The iPhone 7 Is waterproof and can now be used as a waterproof camera. Camera: The new camera...